Supplying Premium Lifesaving Race Boards At A Fraction of the Cost.

After being involved in Surf Life Saving for over 20 years, competing, and working as Professional Beach Lifeguards in many countries around the world we wanted to offer people the best Surf Lifesaving Boards, with a business that does things slightly differently.

Great boards, designed well, so you don’t have to compromise a fast board for one that performs well in a free surf environment.

Inflatable Rescue Boards

‘Machine Surf Craft’ was previously ‘Sudeste’. Sudeste was the name of the company as we were designing Inflatable Rescue Boards and operating Beach Lifeguard Courses in South America. The boards were designed for our own use, and due to their popularity we started selling them. The boards were manufactured so we could take multiple boards on planes to various countries in South America to train Beach Lifeguards. The boards pack down so small that they can go in regular luggage.

Over the last 7 years we have updated and improved the design of our Inflatable Prone Lifeguard Rescue Boards. The latest inflatable rescue board is stiffer, lighter and more durable than ever before using the latest construction methods. Feedback from open water safety companies and beach lifeguards from around the world has gone into the design of our boards. We believe this has helped to produce what we believe is the best inflatable lifeguard rescue board available today.

Race Boards

Win Races. Have Fun.

Having spent a lifetime riding boards from manufacturers all around the world we have made some subtle but critical changes to our boards that will mean you don’t need to get a stable beginner board, and then a more advanced faster board. Or even a flatwater board or one that performs well in the surf.

Go Premium. Have Less.

It’s all about having the best equipment, but only the equipment you need.

How do we offer our boards at surf good prices?

We run our business slightly differently from most Surf Craft brands. We sell directly to customers via this website, without the need for reps and other 3rd parties. The savings we make here we pass onto you the customer.



The fastest board possible is always our goal. We have developed a better kneeling position for increased comfort and strength, and many technical changes to the design that we can’t go into all the details about. Speed and winning races are our top priority.


We have seen it over and over again from years of being on boards and talking to people about buying boards. They think you need a stable board to learn on and then a more streamlined faster board when your skill level is higher. We agree this is true to a degree but we believe we have made a fast high-performance race board thats more stable than existing entry-level boards.


Every aspect of the design has a technical reason behind it. One of the more obvious design parts of our board is the ‘3 Chevrons’ just in front of the kneeling area. These are here as a visual guide for body position. Coaches can use these as a visual marker to help the athlete position their body in the most optimal position. Most people will end up subconsciously using these markers after some trial and error while paddling and catching waves. We have competed as in lifesaving competitions in Australia, South Africa, UK, France and Italy and want to see athletes reach their full potential.


With a background in surfing we wanted to make our boards as much fun as possible.  This means our boards are super responsive and turn fast in waves. The more fun you have on a board the more you will use it and therefore the better you will get. By making our boards great fun to use in surf we aim to keep people in the water for longer so they get fitter, stronger and faster. We have made many technical changes to our boards to make them turn better in surf, be more stable in wind chop and also pick up smaller ‘runners’ or weak wind swell than other boards.

Our boards are designed and Tested in Cornwall, UK.