fin install inflatable paddle board

Installing a fin in your inflatable rescue board is super easy and you don’t need any tools.

We have chosen to use a ‘no-tool’ screw in all our boards so you don’t need to take a screwdriver to the beach with you!

Our fin boxes can take standard longboard which is the same fin  size as surf life saving race boards. This is so its easy to swap fins over depending on your chosen activity.

Installing the Fin

Put the screw plate into the fin box

With the plate attached to the ‘no-tool’ screw place the plate into the fin box using the opening in the middle. Then move the plate to the front of the fin box and unscrew the no-tool screw leaving the plate in place.

screw plate in fin box surf life saving board
screw plate fin box 2
screw plate fin box 3 surfing

Insert fin into the fin box

The fin has a metal pin in the back of the base part. Line this up with the middle slot of the fin box and drop it down into the groove.

Then move the fin until the hole at the front of the fin lines up with the hole in the screw plate you just put into the fin box.

fin insert pin finbox inflatable prone paddle board
fin insert hole line up inflatable rescue board

Insert and tighten the screw

Once the hole in the fin and screw plate are lined up you can insert the no-tool screw. It might need a wiggle to line up the holes and get the screw in place.

Once the screw is starting to go into the plate you can move the fin to your desired position. We find it easier to screw in the fin at the front of the fin box and then move it to the back of the fin box (or whatever your desired location is) and then tighten the rest of the way.

Hand-tighten the screw until its firm.

Its that easy and fast to change a fin on a Machine Surf Craft Inflatable Lifeguard Rescue Board.

no tool fin screw tighten lifeguard rescue board
move fin to location prone paddle board
tighten no tool fin screw surfboard

No tools, no fuss.

If you have any problems feel free to drop us an email