lifeguard rescue board vs isup INFLATION SPEED TEST

We compare the time it takes to inflate an inflatable SUP compared to the Machine Inflatable Lifeguard Rescue Board. Both boards are the same length, and we are using the same pump and the same person doing the pumping. What is the best board in terms of time to pump it up?

The Machine inflatable prone lifeguard rescue board has a lot smaller air volume so it inflates in less than half the time it takes to inflate a standard inflatable stand up paddleboard. Most people have inflated an iSUP and know it can be more of a workout than the exercise you have planned on the water! This video demonstrates that you don’t have those concerns when using a inflatable lifeguard rescue board.

There are pumps that have higher volumes (multiple chambers) so this time could be reduced even further if needed.

Another benefit of the inflatable rescue board compared to an iSUP is they pack down to almost half the size and therefore take up a lot less room for storage and are easier to carry in a rucksack.

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