When choosing a Lifeguard Rescue Board for you lifesaving service or company Cost, Weight and Size are often the main considerations. Do you choose a lifeguard rescue board that’s hard or inflatable?

We have constructed a simple table to show the differences between the Machine Surf Craft Inflatable lifeguard rescue board, and an average from the specs and prices of the top selling fiberglass lifeguard rescue boards.

Our inflatable lifeguard rescue board is cheaper, lighter and takes up 1/8 of the storage space of a epoxy/hard lifeguard rescue board. When looking at the weight section it is important to remember that this is when the rescue board is brand new. Inflatable boards don’t increase in weight over time, but hard fiberglass/epoxy rescue boards get ding’s, repaired and take on water. This adds to there weight and performance considerably! Anyone who has worked for a professional lifesaving service will have used old heavy lifeguard rescue boards that are cumbersome in and out of the water. Inflatable lifeguard rescue boards are super tough and don’t get damaged by drops on the floor or by hitting against rocks and walls. The Machine Surf Craft inflatable boards are light when you buy them and still light after many years of usage.

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hard lifeguard rescue board vs inflatable lifeguard rescue board comparison table