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Event safety, sea swimming and beach lifeguard training courses are why we decided to design and sell our Inflatable Lifeguard Rescue Boards.

Machine Surf Craft is operated by Pablo and Phil who have both been RNLI Beach Lifeguards as well as running Beach Lifeguard Training Courses. Pablo was living in the UK and operating Beach Lifeguard Training Courses in Costa Rica, South America and France and needed lifeguard rescue boards to teach the courses. Quality lifeguard rescue boards were not readily available in these countries. This was the start of our journey making a lightweight inflatable rescue board that could pack into a suitcase and be a fully functional board to train beach lifeguard candidates. This was 7 years ago under the brand of ‘Sudeste’ and our boards have come a long way in this time. ‘Sudeste’ became ‘Machine Surf Craft’ and we have continued to update and re-design our boards using the latest materials and feedback from working with Beach Lifeguards from around the world.

Sea Swimming

We regularly help with safety cover for Sea Swim Holidays including for Sea Swim Cornwall as well as Surf Life Saving events around the UK.

We do this because we enjoy it, but also so we can hear from people running these events and see what they need in a rescue board for their events.

sea swim holidays inflatable lifeguard rescue board
beach lifeguard training rescue board machine surf craft

Beach Lifeguard Training Courses

Many open water event safety teams need a large number of lifeguard rescue boards for their events, but then have a problem storing the boards when they are not in use. That’s why inflatable boards are ideal! They can be packed down and stored in a very small space when not in use, and only take 2 minutes 30 seconds on average to pump up. A standard SUP with the same pump would take twice the time to inflate.

That’s why are boards are used by Four Elements Adventure in Newquay, Cornwall.

In the space a standard hard Lifeguard Rescue Board takes up you can store 8 Machine Surf Craft Inflatable Rescue Boards. This is a game changer in terms of dealing with kit when its not in use. That’s why we are seeing more and more Event Water Safety Teams and Lifeguard Training Centres using our Inflatable Rescue Boards.

inflatable lifeguard rescue board rolled up for storage

Our Red and Yellow Rescue Board has also been designed with ‘D rings’ at the front and back of the board. This is so you can tow multiple boards at a time. We introduced this feature after seeing that sometimes its easier to get all the kit to a location (remote cove) by paddling it from another location (beach). This is very useful when starting a swim from a small cove and needing members of your team to walk to the location with the attendees to show them the way. All our boards are designed this way because we are experienced Beach Lifeguards and regularly work in event water safety teams.

To find out more or test out a board please get in contact with us on info@machinesurfcraft.com or use our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

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